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    Jacksonville Florida Small Business CPA 



    Providing accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation services since 2009

    Welcome to Freyman CPA. We are passionate about providing trusted advisory services for your business needs.

    With over thirty years of combined experience, we ensure that our business clients reach their full potential.

    If you want to grow your profit margins, retire comfortably, and live more of your life, we have a common goal.

    Choose our small business accounting firm and follow our POWER BUILT program.

    Provide a holistic approach

    Offer innovation and solutions

    Work closely with our clients

    Exhibit vast resources

    Rate each client as a top priority

    Build solid relationships

    Unlimited achievement of excellence

    In tune communication skills

    Listen to our clients’ needs

    Transport value to the table

    What we often hear from our new clients is that they need to know they are important to us and not just another number on the waiting list.


    Does this sound familiar to you?
    I have not heard from my accountants in a while
    I haven’t seen any reporting about how I’m doing
    My accountant never asked about my business goals
    We never speak about profitability, business processes or challenges I’m facing as a business owner
    I contacted my accountant and have not received a response to my emails or phone calls
    I feel like my business is not important to my current accountant
    I have a strong hunch I am not getting the advice that will help me make the most use of the tax code
    My colleagues have told me about deductions that my accountant should have caught
    I have received notices and penalties from the tax authorities demanding payment

    As business owners, we understand your concerns – so you are not alone here, and we hear you loud and clear.

    If any of these complaints sound familiar, then you deserve better!

    Trust Freyman CPA for Experienced Business Accounting


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    Our Accounting Services

    Business Advisory

    Tax Implications
    Tax Structure
    Multi-state Compliance and Registrations
    Best Practices

    Business Tax Compliance

    Tax Reduction
    Accounting Packages

    Individual Tax Compliance

    Individual meetings, consultations, and research services
    Advanced Individual Taxation

    Tax Representation

    Business Tax Representation
    Individual Tax Representation
    Estate Clients


    Administration, advisory, reporting
    Form 706, Form 709, Form 1041, Form 3520 and 3520-A

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