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1 hr Tax Consultation Instructions

Thank you for reaching out to our firm, and we sincerely hope that you have found the right team for your tax needs. 

The purpose of this 1-hour tax consultation is to address your specific tax questions as they apply to your situation. This consultation is not meant to provide blanket advice and should not be used by anyone other than yourself in the specific situation we are now addressing. 

Ahead of the meeting, at least two days prior, please send us a summary of questions you would like to discuss to info@taxproff.com 
Instructions for virtual meeting
The meeting will take place virtually via Zoom. You will receive an email and text reminder with the meeting link.
Please make sure that your camera and microphone are working ahead of the meeting. We must have that up and running before the meeting so that we do not spend time troubleshooting. This meeting is an equivalent of you stepping into our physical office, so we ask that you are not driving at the time or being distracted by other things. 
To commence the meeting: 
1 – Navigate to the Zoom link you received via an email or text message 
2 – Launch meeting
3 – Turn on the microphone and camera and ensure that both are working appropriately before the meeting