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As the owner of Freyman CPA, I Greg Freyman, and my fantastic partner, Angie Freyman take great pride in adding value to our clients. We want to have our clients understand that we are their go-to for anything that deals with the success of their business.


Your success as a business owner means our success as your accountants.


We are a small business too! We share many of the same struggles as you do or once did. That is why we understand how to best help you on your path to true profitability.


Many accountants offer bookkeeping and tax services; a great accounting firm will help you with much more and be able to pay for themselves tenfold over.


Our unique blended approach applies to small start-up phases all the way through to an enterprise that has an established presence in the market.


We have answered these questions for our clients.



  • Do I charge enough for our products or services?
  • How to best promote our business?
  • How can I become more visible to my target audience?
  • Am I using my online presence appropriately?


  • How am I doing this year/quarter/month as compared to the same prior period?
  • Where is my business draining costs?
  • Which expenses can be replaced or eliminated?
  • What questions should I be asking when deciding on adding costs?


  • What size loan should my business apply for, and which lender would work best for our specific needs?
  • Which CPA reports will the loan underwriter need from my CPA team?
  • Will this loan be considered predatory, and will we pay the rate the lender is reflecting, or is there something here we should be made aware of?
  • Can my business afford a loan now or is there better means of obtaining financing?


  • I’m considering buying a business – what should I look out for? Are there any red flags? Is this a sound investment?
  • I’m ready to retire and would like to sell my business. What are some of the things I can do now to get all my ducks in a row?
  • I’m ready to retire, and I want my kid(s) to take over – what should I do? How do I get them ready and ensure their continued success?
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