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02 / 05 / 2021 by Greg Freyman, CPA in News & Press

Top 5 Reasons Businesses Go Out Of Business

Business owners face many challenges in today’s competitive environment; these challenges include hiring the right employees, raising capital, and managing operations to just about anything in between.

Pitfalls are many, and one should be careful when going into business to plan accordingly. It is one thing looking at your business plan on paper, and then there is the practical application.


As business advisors and tax accountants, we see it all too often, folks plan well. Still, when they start their business, there are so many things coming to them at once, the business plan goes by the waist side, and many business owners are what we call “winging it” and never really have a good start or a good grasp on how to run the ship right.


It is so essential to hire the right team to guide you in business advisory. You must surround yourself with the right people and make the right decisions in your line of work before you open your doors for business, and let me say that again, “before” you open your doors for business. What are these reasons people tend to fail in their plight for success as an entrepreneur, you ask? ask, and you shall receive, here they are:


1) Not selling fast enough

That is right, not selling fast enough would be our top number 1 reason. You might have the proper capitalization, but if you do not sell enough at the right price or enough of what you need to sell, you will be out of money faster than you say, “show me the money.”


2) No having enough startup seed funds

The days of starting in your basement are less and less ideal; you need money! You need as much money as you can either gather from your pocket or a loan. Many people are afraid of lending money when starting a business as there is so much that can stand to go wrong, but I can assure you that loaned startup money can a long way fast if you use the funds the right way.


3) Not setting up the right processes as things change – getting too comfortable – this is not a W2 job – you have to move quick in this town!

Once you start your operations, you should quickly realize that things are not working exactly how you planned on them to work. That is because the business environment is never perfect, and the business tides are always changing, so as things change, you should be adapting and evolving.


4) Not hiring the right professionals to help the business avoid pitfalls

If I had a dollar for each time we helped a client climb out of tax problems, that could have been easily avoided had they sought out the right help in the first place; I would have many dollars, oh wait, I do, do you know why? Because it takes a lot more dollars to fix problems than it does to get it right the first time. Remember, folks; tax problems are like cancer for a person; it could literally put your business out of business almost immediately.


5) Not delegating soon enough

We saved the worst for last, not as easily spotted as you would think, you may ask, how about budgeting or maximizing profits or some other accounting-related item? Isn’t that what you are pitching for here, Greg? Nope, not delegating fast enough so that you can do what you do best as fast as you can. Frustration can get you drained faster than a speeding ticket. As soon as you can, start handing off your responsibilities where you can, hopefully into capable hands. Start tunning the business, and stop working for the business as an employee. Your job is to be the CEO, the owner, the visionary, the entrepreneur, not the employed individual who bought him or herself a regular W2 job.


Now I know I bashed around the W2 worker here a bit, but I honestly mean no harm in it; it is what it is. A regular job has many benefits and comes with its rewards. If you are ready to become that owner, that visionary, you better be prepared to make some significant sacrifices in your life and be prepared to risk as it all, as there is no reward without no risk.


If anyone ever asks me, I always say, I love what I do, and it is hard as all heck, but I would not trade it for the world.


Remember folks, here at Freyman CPA, your success is our success, all day, every day! Freyman CPA

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