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Business – Virtual CFO

Oftentimes companies require someone to fulfill the role of CFO or financial director, but they don’t want to pay for full-time services. Freyman CPA can meet your part-time CFO needs by providing virtual CFO services in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas. We can modify our virtual CFO package to meet your needs, but in general our monthly retainer service provides assistance by:

  • Providing comprehensive business and financial planning advice
  • Developing and assessing strategic goals during an initial meeting
  • Preparing a 5-year strategic plan
  • Managing budget and cash flows through the use of monthly or quarterly management reports
  • Converting a strategic plan into a financial plan
  • Reviewing profits and cash flows to determine areas of improvement
  • Assessing actual performance against forecasted results
  • Performing benchmarking analysis to compare your company against competitors
  • Enabling your company to take proactive measures to improve your business, rather than reacting to issues after they arise
  • Improving cash flow management through budgeting, planning, and assessment of weaknesses
  • Providing up-to-date financials to support business pitches and applications
  • Freeing your employees from the time that it takes to perform these tasks and allowing them to focus on growing the business


The CFO package is billed on a monthly basis. Once set up, the monthly fee negates the need for a large end of year accounting bill. Our clients find this very useful for managing their cash flow. Should you require other services to be included, we can discuss and custom modify this Virtual CFO Package.


It is suitable for businesses who require the assistance of a part-time Chief Financial Officer or Financial Director. We will be involved in your strategic decisions and will effectively sit on your board. This package suits clients who are serious about growing their business.


Learn more about our virtual CFO services in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas by contacting us today.