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Freyman CPA BAckstory

I have been working on taxation, finance, and accounting for friends and family straight out of college. People always sought me out for assistance with their taxes, as I was so passionate about this profession, it was my calling.

In 2009, the economy collapsed, and I found myself without a job while transitioning from consultant to fully self-employed. With one source of income and a family to support, we were in for a troubled time. I can even remember having the lights turned off and not paying for the monthly housing costs, receiving notices from the co-op’s board of directors/management. It was indeed a difficult time in our lives.

Being the warriors we are, we refused to give up and continued on the fight, having used some of our minimal funds to obtain a rent space in downtown Manhattan; back then, the office space was located in the building 77 Water Street.

I can remember not having food to eat and sitting all day in the office working on the very few clients I had. I was searching for every possible means to promote and grow the business. Going into business without financial seed money was the most challenging endeavor I had ever undergone. Many years later, and after working with countless business owners, I realized that hardly anyone goes into a business that way. With ruined credit for not paying my obligations, I had zero choices and had to make lemonade from the enormous lemons I was handed in life once again.