IRS Audit Representation

No one wants to hear that they’ve been selected for an IRS audit. Despite proper tax preparation, you may find yourself or your business in the middle of an IRS audit. Our managing partner, Greg Freyman, CPA, CGMA, is certified in IRS audit representation. He will represent you or your business throughout the audit process, and will ensure that the audit does not monopolize your time.

We will ensure that your audit goes smoothly, by acting as an intermediary between you or your business and the IRS auditor. We will collect and present the documents in a professional manner, helping to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome for you or your business.


Freyman CPA’s IRS audit representation services can assist in audit-related matters, including:

  • Addressing statute of limitations issues
  • Successfully discharging or subordinating tax liens
  • Resolving collections issues
  • Minimizing penalties
  • Developing installment agreements
  • Negotiating an “offer in compromise” (OIC)
  • Resolving payroll tax liabilities
  • Addressing audit reconsiderations and doubt-as-to-liability offers
  • Employing the “innocent spouse” provision
  • Helping with Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR) issues
  • Disputing hobby losses
  • Assessment of whether litigation is appropriate
  • Utilizing strategic bankruptcy filings, if appropriate
  • Requesting appeals when appropriate
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