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Please Meet Some Of Our Clients That We Have Come To Call Friends and Family

We are blessed to help serve such a vibrant array of businesses and individuals in our community and beyond. Below are some of our amazing clientele, each is so unique in so many ways, these short blurbs can hardly describe these business gems and the talented individuals behind them.

Every now and again, there comes a place that you can go to religiously and where you will leave all you have in that one space. The area that I call my second home is Gett-Itt Core Fitness.

This gym trains elite level obstacle course racers, runners, and other athletes from various walks of life. Joe Rivera is the owner and a close friend of ours that we have the great pleasure of training with, he knows everyone by name. I have never met a more honest person that wears his heart on his sleeve. Joe is a retired Marine and retired as Sergeant Major during active duty. A big secret about the gym is that they offer exclusive weight loss programs that actually work. The machinery that they use is state of the art, and have helped countless gym members shed hundreds of pounds – I am not just saying praises, I can attest from personal experience having lost over 90 pounds with the clinical exercise physiologist Jennifer Benatis, no one was able to help, after trying many trainers and nutritionists, all failed, all except, Jenn! Check them out if you are ready to achieve your fitness goals at https://gett-ittcorefitness.com/.

Here is another rare find, please meet Mr. Kam Lee from Kam Lee Acupuncture & Martial Arts.

Kam is a fantastic individual, and we love working with Kam and his staff. We have used the center to learn some Chi Gong exercises and have come to them for acupuncture therapy, an ancient medicinal practice that still works for people today. The reason the center is quite rare is that they actually do specialize in so many avenues, they teach Tia Chi, Qi Gong, and meditation techniques. The center also has an in-house physical therapist, massage therapist, acupuncturists, and nutritionist, all highly regarded in their field with a wealth of knowledge and experience. At the center, one can also experience annual celebrations like The Chinese New Year, filled with dragons and sword fighting, now that is exciting now isn’t it? and ask yourself, where would you find such a mix of specialties?




Any company that has stood the test of time is one great company. This next business was born the same year Angie and I were born, 1976, wow, how cool is that? Allow us to introduce you Giglio Signs!

As mentioned, Giglio Signs has been in business as long as we have been alive, and that is not an exaggeration. They are certainly doing things right, and you better believe that everyone in town uses them for signs, from real estate agents to local businesses like ourselves. What an outstanding job!  Just take a look below for one of the signs masterfully produced for us.

The man behind the machine has retired, and in his place, the Giglio team welcomed a young entrepreneur and avid soccer player, Mr. Kane Bailie. Kane is quite an outstanding character that had worked for Giglio for years before having purchased the business from the original founder. Kane is no newbie in the business environment and really rocks the boat when it comes to getting things done for his newly owned business.

Kane is not just simply standing by and working the same old formula, he is constantly evolving and growing his craft and Giglio along with it. We cannot wait to see in which direction he will take his company next.

We are blessed to serve such a great team of professionals.  If you are ever in need of some really awesome signs, look no further, they will do right by you, and you will be happy you went to them.

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