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What Is Estate Tax The 101 Guide To Florida Estate Tax


Taxation in the US comes in many different varieties. We have taxation on income, self-employment, gifts, and so on. When speaking in terms of the estate tax, we are discussing a tax imposed on a transfer of net assets, a transfer tax. 

Different government bodies impose various types of taxes. Federal tax governs all US citizens or domiciled residents and encompasses all the different states found across the nation. 

Each US state also has its own set of rules and regulations that apply to specific residents of that particular state. 

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22 / 09 / 2015 by Greg Freyman, CPA in Personal Tax

Deceased Spouse’s Carryforward Capital Losses

My now deceased spouse owned several investments that were sold during the year prior to her passing at substantial capital losses. Can those carryforward capital losses be applied to my tax return or are they lost?

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