Our Accounting Firm Reviews

Joan B. – Teaneck, NJ 01/10/2017
I also hired Freyman to do my finances throughout the year. I have a learning disability which makes it very difficult for me to do this myself. I am so grateful that I finally found a firm that I trust and who work with the highest standards and commitment.

Michael D. – Fair Lawn, NJ 01/10/2017
I was looking for a CPA that could help me do things the right way when it comes to being tax efficient with my small business. Greg & Angela made me comfortable from my first meeting and within no time at all, had the numbers tamed and had helped me bring some of my expenses down. We’re off to a great start! I’m looking forward to growing my business with them in my corner!

Saheem K. – Fair Lawn, NJ 12/17/2016
We moved to NJ this year for our new job. We have been using same tax consultant in NY for last 9 years and we wanted to find someone local to NJ. After reading all the reviews here, we decided to contract Greg and it has been really a great experience working with Greg. After I sent him an initial query, he was very quick to call and discuss all details. He built out a great plan with tax planning and tax preparation. He got all the information and have us a very detailed plan for 2016 and also 2017 pre planning. He uses all new cutting edge softwares and also uses screen share to go over the numbers, he is very detail oriented and very responsive. It has been a great experience so far with the planning for 2016 and am looking forward for tax preparation in the next few months

Gregory M. – Aurora, CO 10/25/2016
I came to Freyman CPA when I received a confusing letter from the IRS requesting that I perform additional calculations to determine if I needed to pay AMT. Freyman CPA agreed to review the filings that I had submitted on my own and prepare a response for the IRS. Importantly, they agreed to a fixed price up front so that I knew that I wouldn’t spend more on responding to the IRS than I would if I just paid the additional taxes. Freyman determined that I did not owe any additional taxes. A few months later I asked Freyman to help my wife and I file a joint return and to amend the return that I had already submitted. We came to them pretty close to the April deadline and they were able to file an extension for us and then help us file a joint return before the extended deadline — again for a fixed up-front price. Both Angela and Greg were a pleasure to deal with and they strive to cultivate long-term clients and treat them like family. I look forward to working with them again this year to file our taxes — and to starting the process much earlier in the year so that we can have an even smoother tax preparation season this year.

Fernando S. – Jersey City, NJ 09/28/2016
They helped us with our taxes last year. They were very competent and knowledgeable, so it was worth it to receive their advice. They offered sound advice. Honestly, we thought we owe the government a lot but when they were done, we ended up receiving a refund. They’re very busy but very prompt in answering questions and finished when they said he would. They have exceeded our expectations!

Deborah D. – East Setauket, NY 09/20/2016
Our personal situation makes for a long filing process. We don’t live close to the office, but Greg and Angela, our preparers did everything possible to take advantage of today’s technology to do almost everything online, e mail, or Skype. Angela did everything we needed for FATCA filing as well as extensions due to overseas tax filings.

Jesse B. – New York, NY 09/16/2016
Greg and Angela met with me, clearly explained everything, made up a set of immediate priorities, contacted the appropriate agencies, and got things stabilized. Then, with great tolerance for my haphazard process of organizing and providing documentation, completed the remaining work of preparing and filing the returns. It is of course a great relief to have all of this complete, and in the past. I’m looking forward to working with them on an ongoing basis. Utmost competence and professionalism, and pleasant and clear communicators.
I approached Freyman CPA with messy tax situation: some incomplete returns from the past few years, both federal and 3 different states, a heap of IRS communications, overall, a situation which had become too complicated for me to understand, not to say act on without making serious errors.

Matthew B. – 09/01/2016
Greg and Angela are fantastic, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with their professional, knowledge and ability to get to the crux of things on what was a very complicated tax issue. Thank you!

James L. – New York, NY 08/31/2016
Greg and Angela helped my business get organized in record time. I called in and first spoke to Angela, and she spent an hour on the phone with me getting to know my business and our accounting needs. Soon after, they both came down to our operations and reviewed all that would need to be done on a regular basis. Their team helped us stay on track, not only on an ongoing basis, but also helped ensure we are fully paid in with our individual and business taxes. No more surprises at the end of the year as with our previous accountant, who hit us with a $23 thousand dollar tax bill on April 13th. With Freyman’s customized tax projections, we were just slightly overpaid by yearend. This was remarkable, as we never experienced such service. Everything was handled for us, the tax estimated payments were sent out with our approval, and we didn’t need to send in any paper vouchers, talk about great service! Greg had also helped us cut our processing costs, and helped us increase our revenues by calculating how much overhead we incurred in each product we shipped out. This may seem obvious to some, but in all honesty, I had never thought of incorporating these costs into our price. We highly recommend this dynamic firm, we are very happy to have them as our accountants.

Tarun Andre L. – Franklin Township, NJ 08/29/2016
Greg Freyman is one of the best CPAs in the New Jersey/New York area. He looks at the P&L with a microscopic lens, handles customers with a ‘white glove’ and his tax advisory is world class, almost on par with large consulting firms. His partner Angela has the ability to push busy entrepreneurs to get things done on time. Together they make a great partnership and their overall customer service is just great. Greg has picked each of my calls over weekends, over the last several years, this accessibility to a CPA is extremely critical to timely filing and handling of tax issues. While we’ve moved our business from New Jersey and New York to other parts of the country, our CPA has and will stay the same.

Irina R. – Philadelphia, PA 08/27/2016
The office is in great location. I went to do my taxes. Prices are great and affordable, office atmosphere is high end and very pleasant. Stuff is amazing. The team works very productively and accurately. I spoke to both Angela and Greg Freyman’s and all my concerns were resolved shortly. I loved the way they did my taxes and upon my situation I got a good amount for return. I would recommend everyone to handle their business to Freyman’s. Thank you very much!!!!

Amy D. – Brooklyn, NY 08/27/2016
This is an on-going accounting relationship, not a contractor so there is no story from start to finish. I wouldn’t trade Freyman CPA, P.C. for anything. He does my business books and my business and personal taxes. They have always done a great job and are very professional,. Very attentive, and easy to get a hold of. I Highly recommended.

Marilyn P. – Manhattan, NY 08/23/2016
Greg and his team were wonderful to work with, what a hidden gem. Freyman CPA makes everything work seamlessly, they are very tech savvy! I didn’t even need to come in to sign my taxes and was able to sign right from my phone via DocuSign. I actually found them while driving through Westwood. They have convenient parking in the back. I hired Greg to help us with our foreign business. It turned out, we were supposed to file informational forms our old accountant didn’t know about. That caused us to receive civil penalties of over $30,000. Greg researched the situation and made sure to take the worry off our plate. He said he could have these abated. After many calls and letters, and citing of the tax code, we are now in the clear, and I’ve never felt so relieved. Additionally, after Greg reviewed our payroll files and long history of issues (we were pretty bad when we first started out) and found that he could waive an additional 2K under a first time abatement clause, which was successful as well. Overall I couldn’t praise this company enough, I am so grateful that I followed up on my appointment and paid that initial consultation fee, it was all well worth it. Greg’s team is very friendly, and his partner Angela is a real wizard when it comes to management of the engagement. Thanks guys!

Jon L. – Glen Ridge, NJ 08/09/2016
Went very smoothly. Returns were done quickly and I asked to review both years on the phone which they arranged right away. They stepped through it with me in detail per my request. Always very clear and thorough. I would use them again. They clearly want to build a client base as the charges came under the initial estimate. They made every part easy and now my burden is gone.

Ian A. – Brooklyn, NY 04/07/2016
Filed multiple tax years with state and fed. They did a very professional job.

Rocco C. – Brooklyn, NY 04/02/2016
Greg and Angela have been helping us with taxes for three years. They have always done a great job and are very professional.
Highly recommend!

Kaliptus Arts – New Jersey 03/28/2016
Professional and knows how to deal with people!

Mario C. – Brooklyn, NY 02/15/2016
Very knowledgeable and always there to answer my questions

Justin F. – Brooklyn, NY 01/17/2016
Excellent service at a really fair price. Very attentive and easy to get a hold of. Highly recommended.

Jessica S. – Jersey City, NJ 01/02/2016
After my husband and I unexpectedly owed $10k to the IRS for our 2014 taxes, we wanted to avoid a similarly nasty surprise for the 2015 taxes and engaged Greg and his company to do a tax projection for us. He was very detail oriented and meticulous, and the whole thing was very insightful and a good learning experience for us. He also helped us set up additional payments in order to avoid an underpayment penalty and better know how much we may owe in April. He and Angie were great to work with and we would definitely use them again. We are busy professionals who travel every week for work, and their online set-up makes it easy to conduct most of our business with them via phone or email if necessary.

Linda B. – New York, NY 12/02/2015
I can say truthfully that this company has been a Godsend. They have sifted through and organized the tax muddle that I created for myself as an independent contractor. They are very-very knowledgeable especially regarding corporations and the tax obligations of the independent contractor. They advised me on the best business structure for me and set up my LLC quickly and efficiently. Greg is amazingly knowledgeable and never hesitates to call you personally and takes so much time explaining the “whys” and the “whats” of your personalized financial plan. The price was manageable and definitely worth it. They have helped me draft and send correspondence to multiple agencies including the IRS and have mapped out a concise plan for my corporation to move forward financially. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Paul B. – San Diego, CA 11/06/2015
We were faced with a huge tax bill due to our negligence by relying on TurboTax and omitting an item. I sent a request and received word back over the same weekend. They have gone to bat on our behalf, lowered or penalty with the IRS and set up automated payments to make us whole again. We couldn’t have done it without Angela’s help and patience. Needless to say, we will continue to use them yearly to file our taxes and not worry about the stress or additional errors. Thank you!

Gordon S. – Hoboken, NJ 8/03/2015
We are very happy with Greg’s service. Our tax situation became more complicated in 2013 and we decided to use a professional and have had Greg do our taxes for the last two years. Up to this point I had always done our taxes myself using tax software except for one year when we decided to give H&R Block a try. The fact that we only used H&R Block one year but have continued with Greg and plan to continue doing so should indicate how much better Greg has been than H&R Block. There is no Now we are also having him do some tax planning for us, and will gladly have him continue to do our taxes in the future.

Jay Z. – Cary, NC 7/19/2015
I called Greg about two weeks away from tax filing deadline and wanted him to file my 2014 tax return, amend my 2012 and 2013 tax return. The reason for this big rush is that I got audited by my state revenue agency. The audit was stretched for almost a year and I didn’t get the final complete notice until a little over two weeks away from the Apr 15th! Greg and Angela took the challenge, filed the extension 1st. Shortly after that he began his long and deep look at my mess. We went back and forth on many e-mails and a few phone calls. Some time I saw his e-mails with timestamp 11:30pm or Sunday afternoon! I was really impressed by the way he handles my e-mails and phone calls. I also want to point out that Greg’s firm has really nice setup for me to view, download or upload files to or from his firm 24×7. This kind accessibility plus his fast response to my e-mails has really made the physical distance between us irrelevant!

Eric R. – Hilton Head Island, SC 6/20/2015
They manage all accounting and payroll for my business, as well as handle my personal returns. They are very professional, thorough, and help identify ways to optimize our tax planning for the future. Of all the available accountants in the area, I entrust them with my business because they are very well informed and were able to provide unique ideas for structuring my business and managing PNL.

Ronald S. – Jersey City, NJ 4/10/2015
Greg Freyman is a professional, thoughtful and highly competent accountant. I’ve always done my own taxes, but since buying an investment property they’re too complicated for a non-professional (my 2014 taxes are 19 pages long). You really need to know your way around the rules – plus I work in NYS and live in NJ. Because of Greg I’m recovering about $10,000 in prior year over payments. Perhaps this isn’t the cheapest way to get my taxes done, but I certainly feel confident they’re done properly. And that’s worth quite a lot. There is a good reason Greg gets straight A’s here. They’re earned. Greg is now my accountant and will prepare my taxes going forward. I could not make a better recommendation.

Sarah J. – Brooklyn, NY 04/06/2015
Angela Freyman prepared my and my husband’s 2014 taxes. After the tax season ended, she also ran projections for us so we could adjust our withholding. She was extremely thorough and happy to answer questions. We were able to scan and upload all of our documents to a site called The Box so we didn’t have to go in person to their office, which was very convenient. She pays a lot of attention to detail and made us confident that our taxes were done correctly. The projections that she ran included spreadsheets and all of the forms we needed, including examples of what our adjusted pay-stubs should look like. This was fantastic customer service and showed a great deal of professionalism. We ended up recommending her to a friend as well.

Brian G. – Brooklyn, NY 10/23/2014
I was very pleased with my experience with Greg. My wife and I were looking to buy our first home, and we hired Greg to advise us on the tax implications of purchasing a house. His pricing was very reasonable and he did a fantastic job. He did a comprehensive review of our tax situation and provided a lot of helpful feedback and analysis that helped us better understand how buying a home would impact us from a tax perspective. His work was impressively thorough, he worked quickly, and he was very responsive in all communications. He was also great with answering questions and explaining things I didn’t understand. As others have noted, Greg’s use of technology allows for fast, highly efficient collaboration. It was a pleasure working with him and I would definitely do so again.

Christopher J. – Brooklyn, NY 10/10/2014
Greg was super nice, compassionate, fair, knowledgeable, professional and thorough, in his tax preparation and filing. I couldn’t be ore pleased.

Andrew L. – New York, NY 09/19/2014
I’ve found Greg through Angie’s list and started with him doing our personal and business taxes. Now he’s doing also our company’s payroll and tax advisory. His pricing is very reasonable for the service he provides. Actually, it is a tremendous value for the money. He’s offered many services and advice for free that other accountants would charge. Greg is technologically savvy so working with him made us more efficient. His uses online tools that makes communicating with him secure and fast. He’ll also suggest tools to make your accounting process efficient. Greg reviewed our QB files, fixed our books and records, and make improvements to our accounting reconciliation process. He’s always working and always available for my inquiries. I have received email responses at midnight and he’ll pick up his phone during holidays. I have a MBA, worked as a trader in a major Investment Bank and my wife is a CPA who worked for a Big 4 Accounting Firm for over a decade. Given our financial and accounting backgrounds, we feel Greg is very knowledgeable. And if he is not sure on an issue, he’ll put his research department to work or inquire among the accounting community and get back with a well-researched response. He is great at explaining the answers to our questions. He’s a straightforward guy, brutally honest and transparent. We are current clients and we hope he does well.

Edward L. – Alachua, FL 09/17/2014
Some highlights of my experience… very responsive team, fully digital and transparent, ease of working across long distance, expert guidance, research department, extensive support across multiple smartphone capable systems, ease of signing (electronic online signatures), strict adherence to tax rules and regulations and knowing and using all the legit and low risk (audit wise) ways to lower taxes, useful tax and accounting material for clients, friendly and knowledgeable, worked during holiday and put in long hours to meet tight deadline with ease, discounted and offered many freebies, great fee structure, trained bookkeeper and fixed books and records to agree to tax return, built overall confidence for accounting support, made process easier and more cost efficient. It is wonderful to have our books up to date, see our financial picture, and now have the time, information, and expert guidance to plan ahead financially.

Laura R. – Brighton, CO 07/02/2014
This firm is very responsive and they are working quickly to reconcile our QuickBooks and get us in compliance. So far, I am very impressed with the progress.

Michael F. – Brooklyn, NY 06/23/2014
Prepared my 2013 tax return and helped me plan my finances and withholding structure for the balance of 2014. Greg and his staff were extremely helpful in setting up my account and walking me through all the documents that were needed to be provided to finish my tax return. Greg handled everything very efficiently and timely. His use of electronic file sharing and Docusign made getting him the information he needed a snap. Greg and his staff were always available to answer my questions and to help me make decisions on both my tax filing as well as future withholding and financial planning.

Anthony B. – North Bergen, NJ 06/03/2014
I needed my taxes to be done for the last fiscal year which included circumstances which I would have had a hard time using any tax software to assist me.

Erica D. – Crawford, TN 05/12/2014
Safir & Freyman provided the Council of Americana Roots Music, a small non-profit, with an invaluable service: Full setup, training and guidance to help our organization process payroll independently. The system includes guidance and support during the year for Intuit Online Payroll Solution. In 2014 the COARM organization reached the point where employees needed to be hired. Having never done payroll before, I was at a loss for what to do. Having an older local accountant who did not use quick books or Intuit products did not help. I went online to research possible solutions. I came across a blog by Greg Freyman that had just the information I was looking for, however, I still needed guidance. I noticed Safir & Freyman were located in New York, and I am located in Tennessee. I called anyway just to ask a question. I left a message and Greg called me back with-in the hour. We talked for over an hour and by the end of our discussion, I knew he was accountant I had been looking for. Well spoken, exceptionally knowledgeable in his field, and willing to work with this small non-profit for a decent price. Additionally he had all the tools and online gismos (Docu Sign, Box Cloud, Join Me) to work with me over the phone and internet securely and efficiently. I quickly provided him with all employee information and in just a few days he had me up and running with the payroll management system. A day later I was trained, and two days later he was contacting me with a followup training just to make sure I felt comfortable with the new system I’d be handling. For me they online payroll system is great, easy to use, and a sensible solution. I must disclose thought that I have been working with quick books for three years so the payroll system was easy for me to pickup. It may take longer for someone who does not have a background in accounting software, but it is still a straight forward, intuitive system and Safir & Freyman are only a phone call away for guidance. I would recommend Safir & Freyman to anyone looking for an accountant they can trust.

Larisa L. – Brooklyn, NY 04/27/2014
As a native New Yorker, I grown accustomed to high standards. Safir and Freyman, CPA’s, P.C, exceeded my expectations.Trustworthy, honorable, professional and ethical! In this day and age, it is a breath of fresh air.

Natalija W. – New York, NY 04/25/2014
Our company is using this firm’s accounting services for our day-to-day booking, monthly payroll, as well as annual tax return. We have been using their services since last year. First, all data was kept in a Quick Books desktop version, and this month we switched to Quick Books Online Plus. I can certainly say, that these guys know what they do. The transition from QBW to QBO went smoothly, with little to no problems. Our company’s account on QBO is up-to-date, and I can pull our P&L report at any time, and it will reflect correct data. All in all, the firm’s employees are detailed, accurate and ask a lot of questions, which is great. I am also happy with the fact that our information is in good hands, and is being kept confidential. I did not put the price in the box above, because I think everyone’s business is different, and your price quote will depend on how much work this firm will be doing for you. All i can say, it is flexible and affordable to any type of business: small to medium to large. Our business size is medium.

Andrei C. – Brooklyn, NY 04/20/2014
Small business state and federal income tax and bookkeeping. Assistance with LLC start-up and structure advice. Personal state and federal income tax joint returns Greg did an amazing job assisting us with everything we needed to set up with our LLC, including all advice needed to ensure it was the best structure for us with regards to ease of use and tax compliance. For our personal taxes, he took the time to ascertain that everything was taken into consideration to get us the highest refund possible. Greg’s personal touch, genuine concern to do the most for his clients and ability to explain complicated tax issues in layman’s terms is uncommon. He took all our tax stress away! It is a pleasure to recommend this outstanding individual.

Shallon G. – Hoboken, NJ 04/15/2014
Greg Freyman is the most thorough professional I know. I feel like I am his only client because his response time with answers is incredibly fast and concise. He now does my bookkeeping remotely each week. He orchestrated my personal and business taxes remotely and got me a significant return. Greg found tax money from previous years my other CPA missed. I don’t know what I would do without Safir & Freyman CPA’s. I am so organized now I feel like strutting down the street! Thanks Greg!

Henry S. – New York, NY 04/12/2014
I am very satisfied with their handling of both my Individual and Trust taxes at a reasonable price. I switched over to them as my accountants because for years I have been paying too much money for my Trust accounting. They offered to do the taxes for both accounts at significantly less cost than I was paying for the Trust accounting alone. I will be using them again next year. Highly recommended.

Tracy K. – New York, NY 04/01/2014
Greg and Angela were very helpful, thorough, responsive & very reasonably priced compared to what I had paid in the past. I fell into AMT this year for the first time and was looking at a large tax bill. I met with Angela and Greg at their office and they spent a good deal of time talking me through my options. Based on their guidance, I contributed to my IRA and was able to get a refund! I also like the fact that they have a secure portal for exchanging tax documents and all of the tax prep is done online as well. I prefer to handle things electronically and this made it very easy.

Adam S. – New York, NY 03/30/2014
Reviewed past tax returns, made amendments as needed, and filed new tax returns. Helped set up accounting best practices and Quickbooks Online. I met with Greg from the firm, and we discussed what I needed help with. From there, we worked the details over the next six weeks virtually, via email, phone calls and screen sharing. It was very effective, and allowed us to focus on the work and results rather than traveling to meet. Greg helped me get on solid ground with my taxes and accounting, and will continue to play that role moving forward for my personal and business needs on a quarterly basis. I’m so glad I reached out to him, rather than continue working with TurboTax. He helped me discover and resolve the issues caused by using TurboTax for my atypical tax returns.

Katie K. – Brooklyn, NY 03/30/2014
Fantastic. I started a business last year and had a complicated return with lots of loses, multiple state W2/1099s plus losses for the new venture. I met with Mr. Freyman to go over my previous three years (free review to ensure continuity of service as well as avoid future audits) and discuss my current returns. We did several virtual meetings, corresponded frequently by email and double checked everything. Mr. Freyman has provided me with fantastic, time-saving (and future money saving) accounting tools as well as planning for the current year and a schedule for planning the coming years as well. He is holistic in his approach, not planning to simply pop back in next year around this time. We have regular check-ins to ensure I’m paying in enough for 2014 and putting enough aside as well as accumulating the appropriate deductions as the year progresses. He has explained things in a way that make my future goals possible and accounting/progress easy to track. I feel grateful (thanks, Angie’s List!) for finding him at the beginning of this venture rather than along the way. I feel confident that I’ll be avoiding pitfalls that could be timely or expensive by having expert guidance by an accountant who is responsive and proactive.

Henry B. – Kew Gardens, NY 03/27/2014
I worked with Greg via email through the entire process. He was very responsive to my emails throughout the process of understanding my accounting situation. (I have in the past prepared my own taxes with TurboTax but some self-employment income increased the complexity). I sent him all of my tax information through their secure portal (happy to see this instead of sending documentation via email). After I had provided Greg all of my paperwork, he completed my taxes in about 1 week, which I felt was pretty quick. As for a ‘B’ for the cost, this is my first time using a professional other than H&R block or software so I don’t know the relative cost of this service and can only compare it to DIY. All in all, the process was smooth and I was happy to work with Greg on my taxes this year. I plan to work with him again next time.

Youssef K. – Shanghai, China 03/17/2014 – Corporate accounting, annual closing, monthly payroll & taxes
We have been handling our company accounting, payroll & taxes to Safir & Freyman, CPA’s for more than 2 years and are very satisfied with the service. They are highly dedicated and extremely responsive, they give everyone a lot of personal attention, and good advice!

Oliver – Brick Apparel – Manhattan, 02/28/2014 – NYS Sales Tax services and assistance
Very helpful and informative. Answered all questions and walked us through the process.

Shallon G. – Hoboken, NJ 02/26/2014
Greg Freyman is the most thorough professional I know. I feel like I am his only client because his response time with answers is incredibly fast and concise. He not only does my bookkeeping but will now be doing my taxes for both businesses. He has already found me tax money from previous years my other CPA missed. I don’t know what I would do without Safir & Freyman CPA’s. I am so organized now I feel like strutting down the street! Thanks Greg!

Jazmyn O. – Bronx, NY 02/12/2014 – Tax preparation and filing
Mr. Freyman is amazing accountant overall. Great service he provided is nothing like the account I have used in the past. He made me very comfortable with trusting him with all my personal information and did a outstanding job with explaining to me all the details about my taxes that I had no idea about before. He not only did my 2013 taxes but he went back and made sure that my taxes from 2011 and 2012 where all ok. My Previous tax accountant messed up my taxes by putting things that were not true just to get me back more money. But in the long run put me in the position to have to owe the IRS. But Mr Freyman fixed all of this at the end and now everything is up to date and I feel better now that there are no more false things on it and all the correct info now. I learned so much from him and now have a better understanding of it all. I am going to continue to use his service going forward.

Mahoganie Q. – Manhattan, NY 02/07/2014 – Prepared my Tax returns for 2013.
The experience was quick and painless.  The provider was experienced, professional, and curtious.  One of the best and easiest experiences with filling my tax returns.

Olga V. – Brooklyn, NY 10/21/2013 – Tax preparation and filing
In 2011 I found myself in the delicate situation when I was unable to pay federal and state income tax. My only options was to find a competent accounting firm which would help me resolve my tax-related matters. After a thorough search I found Freyman & Freyman accounting firm.  And I was right!!! Freyman &Freyman, LLC. Provided me with excellent professional service. On my behalf, Freyman & Freyman, LLC. Negotiated a payment plan with the NY State and the IRS. Furthermore, Freyman & Freyman, LLC helped me shield my income and my assets with a flexible tax-planning strategy.  As of today, Freyman & Freyman, LLC is the only accounting firm that handles all tax – related matters on my behalf. When handling my taxes, Freyman & Freyman, LLC has demonstrated the highest degree of professional excellence and customer service. Without any shadow of a doubt in my mind I can state that Freyman will remain my accounting company of choice for years to come.

Kristina B. – Brooklyn, NY 10/14/2013 – Tax preparation and filing
Due to the fact that I was working overseas, subletting, etc. my taxes were complicated, so I looked into getting my taxes professionally done. After screening several tax preparers, I settled on Mr. Freyman because he was smart, easy to deal with and offered a fair price. He has done my taxes for a few years now, and I would recommend his services to anyone.

Amy D. – Brooklyn, NY 10/01/2013 – Tax preparation and filing
Sales and payroll taxes; Also corporate annual returns every year. Great CPA! Highly recommend for all tax services – personal and business

Reka J. – Hoboken, NJ 09/26/2013 – Tax preparation and filing
I was in a pinch to find a accountant with a very tight tax deadline, but also wanted someone new. The previous 2 “professionals” were sloppy and ended up costing me money. I found Freyman on Angie’s List. What distinguished Greg from previous experiences is the degree of personal attention given. Despite the tight turnaround and his obligations to other clients, he was easy to get a hold of. He managed expectations and he took as much time as was needed to make sure I understood things that all questions were answered and even kept track of the returns once filed. Most importantly, he offered tax planning as part of the service which helped optimize my current year’s filing as well as plan for next year. I felt more in charge of my money as a result of working with Greg. Lastly, he uses a secure, online portal for sharing and organizing sensitive documents which is invaluable.

Angela L. – Brooklyn, NY 08/14/2013 – Tax preparation and filing
Gregory has helped me file tax returns for the last three years. He was very professional and reassuring at our appointment. He took his time and went over all the details of my situation I never felt rushed and received what I consider an appropriate amount of attention. His office makes it convenient to meet, since it’s located downtown, close to my work, and he is very responsive to my calls and emails. I would definitely recommend this firm to my friends and family!

John H. – Westchester, NY 07/02/2013 –  Tax preparation and filing
Discussed options and deductions available and how he would suggest structuring entity. It went well.  He was thorough, efficient and completed work on a timely basis

Nadine J. – Jersey City, NJ 06/24/2013 – Tax preparation and financial planning
Excellent service. Responsive and detailed oriented. Also, very professional.

Patrick D. – Jersey City, NJ 04/08/2013 – Individual Tax
Mr. Freyman’s services were a bit expensive but he did an excellent job preparing my families taxes for FY2012 with quite short notice. To my request, Mr Freyman met with me in his Manhattan office to review the preparation. I say this because, an actual face to face meeting was not necessary given the firms online portal for
uploading documents securely. I only met with him because this was the first time using his services and wanted a meeting. Otherwise, he can conveniently prepare and file your taxes without such a meeting. He was always very professional and practices with the highest standards. Also, I live in Jersey City and work in FiDi, so his Water St. office in Manhattan was quite convenient for me.

Kevin D. – New York, NY 03/15/2013 – Consulting
They helped me navigate the paperwork of starting my own business, and (patiently) answered all my questions. They always return my calls. Professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend them!

Milena D. – Brooklyn, NY 03/15/2013 – Tax Preparation and filing
The accountant is very knowledgeable and professional. He really knows what he is doing. He is also very thorough and explains everything along the way. We will definitely use him again in the future.

Ksenia G. – Brooklyn, NY 02/28/2013 –  Self-Employed Tax Reporting
I don’t usually write a review about a business, but I really wanted to share my experience with Freyman & Freyman, and especially with CPA named Greg Freyman.
I was not born in USA, but now I’m here and I’m self employed. It was a challenge for me to start doing my taxes in this Country. I had accountants in a past, before I was introduced to Freyman & Freyman LLC, and I can not say that I was happy. I feel that, only here I found what I need. My accountant is thoroughly professional, with a genuine interest in going the extra mile to make the process easy to understand. I’ve never had a problem with contacting my accountant, He is always picks up the phone on me and in very polite/ professional way answers my questions. He is very responsible and knowledgeable of what he is doing. I can not recommend this service enough! I’m very lucky to work with them.

Isis P. – New York, NY 02/01/2013 –  Non-profit Taxes Form 990 and Char500
I’ve been using Freyman & Freyman LLC for the accounting of our nonprofit and I can’t say enough about Greg Freyman his very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. Extremely responsive with all of our concerns with filing our nonprofit taxes. Our organization was in the middle of a small transition we needed to file our taxes and Greg was extremely patient, kind and well-informed; he provided a secure filing exchange system that helped with a timely and smooth filing of our nonprofit taxes. I value his advice and I highly recommend his services to anyone.

Esther L. – Brooklyn, NY 9/23/2012
Greg Freyman is professional, thorough and a true expert in his field. He helped our company save tens of thousands of dollars. I’ve dealt with many accountants in the past running a small business in a niche market, but non like Freyman & Freyman have gone the extra mile to understand the inner working of our business in order to provide above and beyond excellent service. He is high level of competence and extreme attention to detail sets him apart from being good to actually one of the best. I highly recommend Freyman & Freyman for all your accounting needs.

Lina M. – Manhattan, NY 10/20/2012
Thank you Mr. Freyman for your tax advice, it was very helpful. He provided professional service to my family, very happy with it. Strongly recommended! We will come back next year!

Nachama D. – Brooklyn, NY 09/01/2012 – Accounting and Tax Consulting
After using several accountants we were disappointed. Then I found Freyman & Freyman. The experience I had was a positive one. Greg was very professional, very kind, patient and reliable. I felt confident that my taxes were done completely correct. Greg is very knowledgeable. The prices are also reasonable for the quality of work he does. I definitely recommend to give this company a chance you will not be disappointed.

Nery W. – Newburgh, NY 03/05/2012 – Individual Tax
They helped us file our taxes and provided us with great free advice regarding claimable taxes that we never knew we could claim before. They were very meticulous with all my documents. They are also very efficient and friendly. My documents were not in order and I was missing information and documents and Greg called me and helped me to get all my paperwork in order and ready. He also was able to help me when I had to call the IRS when my daughter’s social security number was rejected from their system. Greg , Angela and their team are great.

Olga G. – Brooklyn, NY 9/23/2012
Mr. Freyman gave me a full breakdown of my tax forms in relation to the statements that I had. He also reviewed our last year’s forms and explained the effect it may have on our subsequent filings. All the issues we never thought would come up were brought up. We got a very thorough and intelligent expertise and an overall awesome service.

Sofiya C. – Brooklyn, NY 9/13/2012
I received great service from Greg Freyman. Very helpful, attentive, and informative. I strongly recommend his services for all accounting needs.

Mads L. – Manhattan, NY 4/20/2012
Greg Freyman did a great job. He was very thorough and patient and his data room service, whereby you can upload all your receipts and other documentation, is a great tool.

Moshe D. – Brooklyn, NY 2/11/2012
I started my service a few months ago, I have nothing but good things to say. Good luck in your new office. Highly recommend, excellent service. Thank You.

Kristina B. – Manhattan, NY 10/21/2011
I used Freyman, CPA to prepare my tax return. Greg Freyman took care of my complex tax return, was very helpful and pleasant to work with, and the cost was competitive. Highly recommended.

Nataly K. – Brooklyn, NY 1/27/2011
Very knowledgeable, professional. Great time turnaround. Pleasure to work with!

Anna K. – Brooklyn, NY 2/21/2011
I have been working with Greg and Angela Freyman for five years. They get the job done and are a pleasure to work with. In the past I have had other accountants but I always was faced with problems. I want to recommend Freyman to all whose time is precious and those who need things done in a timely fashion. These are professional people who know the laws and treat their customers with respect and loyalty.

Danny S. – Brooklyn, NY 4/10/2011
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Greg on filing my partnerships and personal returns for several years. He is very thorough, detail oriented and knowledgeable in accounting practices, which I think are crucial characteristics of a superior CPA. I highly recommend him for any accounting questions or filing needs.

Yuliya D. – Jersey City, NJ 3/29/2011
I’ve been using Freyman, CPA services for several years now and this company is the best! Very reliable, professional and quick service. Mr. Freyman really cares about his customers! Each time I’ve had a great experience. Greg Freyman is very attentive and always answers all of my questions. I will definitely refer my friends and family members to him!

Vitaly D. – Manhattan, NY 3/24/2011
Greg Freyman has prepared my taxes for the past four years. Before working with him I tried a handful of other accountants, and I’m definitely not going back! Greg is knowledgeable, friendly, responsive, and honest. You really can’t ask for anything more. I have recommended him to my family and friends and they have had similarly positive experiences.

Oleg S. – Brooklyn, NY 3/19/2011
I had Freyman, CPA complete my tax returns for the past three years. At first I was a bit hesitant to have someone I didn’t know to take care about my taxes. No worries here. It was done in a timely manner and I could trust that it was done correctly. They are great !!!

Rachel E. – Rockville, MD 3/18/2011
It’s hard finding an accountant you can trust. So if you want someone who will provide you with extreme personal attention, is extraordinarily savvy about tax laws, and can provide a final product that’s always thorough and professionally presented, Greg is your man. Not only does he offer reliable answers to your most complicated tax questions, he is extremely warm, friendly, and funny. An absolute joy to work with! I never thought that small business accounting and tax preparation could be this enjoyable.

Ksusha S. – Manhattan, NY 3/11/2011
I absolutely love working with them! I know Gregory for 5 years and I’m more than satisfied with his job. He is very competent, responsible and well-organized professional. Its amazing how fast he can actually get back to me with answer on any of my questions and complete my tax forms with explanations(if I need it).I definitely recommend them!

Samantha M. – Brooklyn, NY 3/11/2011
Greg and Angela are an absolute pleasure to work with. The turnaround time was extremely fast – they completed my tax forms the same day that I gave them my paperwork. They took the time to explain my tax refund to me and walked me through a lot of the details in a clear and concise manner. Their website is very user friendly and has provided an accessible outlet for me to review my personal finances on my own time. I recommend them to anyone looking for a friendly and professional pair who can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Nicole L. – Brooklyn, NY 2/15/2011
I have known the Freyman, CPA firm for a few years and it is always a pleasure to work with them. They are offering a unique combination of extensive professionalism and a personal touch. I Highly recommend to start your own experience with this young, energetic and friendly accountant.

Irina D. – Manhattan, NY 1/15/2010
Greg Freyman has prepared my taxes for the past 3 years. He is knowledgeable about existing tax code and new developments in taxation law and policy. He is very responsive when I have questions or need advice about my personal finances, and he is highly reliable and thorough in his work. I recommend Greg highly to my friends and family, many of whom, including my son, are now working with him on their tax preparation.

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