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02 / 10 / 2016 by Greg Freyman, CPA in News & Press

Value in Choosing a Professional CPA Firm

We understand that there are others in our industry that charge by the form.  At Freyman CPA, P.C., we go beyond the preparation of tax forms to find ways to reduce your tax burden and help plan for your financial future.  We take a holistic approach utilizing technology, experience, and knowledge to provide the best service for our clients.

When utilizing the services of a professional CPA firm, it is important to appreciate the values that are provided:

  • Quality: Up-to-date knowledge of the most current tax regulations to provide and ensure their clients are receiving all the tax incentives available to them based on their unique tax situation.
  • Consistency: Decades of experience in the industry
  • Guidance: Provides advice, counsel, planning, and guidance for all of your tax needs
  • Availability: Open year-round and are happy to help anytime
  • Responsibility/Peace of Mind: Knowing that the firm and its staff will be available if you should run into issues later in the year

Considering the values a professional CPA firm provides, charges are determined by multiple factors including:

  • Complexity of the Tax Situation: Pricing may vary based on your unique tax situation. Keep in mind that aside from the completion of forms and documents, investigative research is necessary to understand the tax situation in its entirety, helping us to determine the best course of action for your tax situation.
  • Urgency: Fully understanding the circumstances behind the issues take time. For fast approaching deadlines, this may require the involvement of more staff members to meet those deadlines.
  • Organization of Records: Gathering the necessary information from documents, to respond to tax notices, can also take time.  The more organized the recordkeeping, the easier it will be to extract the necessary information to help resolve your tax issue.
  • Who Performs the Work: While all of our staff members are highly-educated and knowledgeable, pricing will also consider who must perform the work.  Like with many other professional services, pricing considerations factor in the depth of knowledge base, years of experience, and availability of the person selected to perform the work.

We strive to provide the best service for our clients.  Contact us today to see how we can help you!

Contact our office at (904) 330-1200 or info@taxproff.com to discuss Tangible Personal Property Tax for your business, or if you have any questions.